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1987 Winners




Midi Maze

Hybrid Arts, © 1987

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Tower Toppler (Nebulous)

Epyx (U.S. Gold), © 1987

Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer

Electronic Arts, © 1987

Earl Weaver Baseball

Electronic Arts, © 1987

Skate or Die

Electronic Arts, © 1987

Death Sword (Barbarian) 

Epyx, © 1987 (licensed from Palace Software, Ltd.)


Publisher: Microprose

Developer: Sid Meier

Original PC Platform: Commodore 64

Ported Platforms: Apple II, Atari ST, Amiga, IBM, Sinclair

Collecting Fact: The earliest versions of this game were shipped in a hardcover book exterior.  The inside of the cover had pouches for the disks, manual and map.  Later runs of the game came in a simple cardboard box.

Summary:   Pirates cemented Sid Meierís claim to fame and stands as one the greatest combinations of role playing, strategy, resource management and action ever to have been produced.  Pirates is an open ended game with a very loosely woven plot.  You begin your pirate career as a slave in a sugar plantation in the Caribbean who has just bought his freedom.  Your brother, sister and father have been lost in your struggles, and you are now on a quest to find them.  This quest can be totally ignored; however, and you can completely dedicate yourself to pirating the seas of the Caribbean.

As captain of a ship you will have to navigate your vessels (for you can build an entire fleet should you wish) through treacherous waters, take advantage of favorable winds, calculate your coordinates, recruit men and manage your food supplies.  In addition to these activities, you must decide whether to pledge allegiance to one of the four nations colonizing the region, whether to betray your masters, ransack cities, search for buried treasure or even marry the daughter of a governor in order to gain title and prestige.

The open ended nature of this game would most likely be its Achilles heel if it wasnít for the fact that you age, and if you donít put a timely end to your swashbuckling antics by settling down and retiring, you will see even simple battles come to a most unfortunate end.  Depending on the riches you own at the time of your retirement, you will be given a different fate -- from a beggar weeping over his lost glory, to the governor of a colonial empire. 

-- Trantor

Rocket Ranger


Ultima V

Origin Systems, © 1987

Maniac Mansion

Lucasfilm Ltd, © 1987

Empire "Wargame of the Century"

Walter G. Bright and Northwest Software © 1978 (© 1987 Intersel)

Battle Cruiser

SSI, © 1987


Spectrum Holobyte, © 1987


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