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First Last Email City State Country Apple TRS-80 Atari 8-Bit TI VIC-20 Amstrad Sinclair C-64 Atari ST Amiga Intel Mac Other Comments


Aaron Smith Denver Co USA                     X     Want Ult. 6, 7 & 8 
Adam goolevitch maple ridge bc canada X   X           X X   X X cool
Alan Jones Piketon Ohio United States   X X   X                 TRS-80ColorComputer1,2,or3,Atari2600,400,and800
Alberto Cavalcoli RAVENNA - ITALY X                          
Andre Sitz Potsdam Land Brandenburg Germany     X                    

I'm mainly interested in disc-based games, preferably with box and manual. But I'm interested in empty boxes also.

Andrew Bub Milwaukee WI USA X                   X     No comment. Looking for a boxed copy of Trespasser Jurassic Park. Got one?
Benjamin Wu Evanston IL USA                     X    
Bill Augustine Cincinnati Ohio USA     X           X   X      
Brian Phillips  landenberg PA USA X                     X   I would kill for a copy of deathlord. Please help.
Bryan Roppolo Pittsburgh PA USA       X                   I am trying to complete the TI-99/4A cartridge library so others realize what games the TI-99/4A had to offer.
C.E. Forman Peoria IL USA X X X X X X X X X X X X X I collect parser adventures and interactive fiction for all computer platforms.  Visit my collector's page at
Charles Turley Leggett CA USA X                     X   My Apple orchard is VAST!
Charles Dysert Sacramento CA USA X X X X X   X X X X     X - Consoles and HH too
Chris Newman New York NY 11370                     X     Want Tandy games that make good use of 3-channel speaker and 16 color  scheme. Also early Sierra, Origin, and Interplay titles.
Ciro Barile Nettuno Roma (Rome) Italia (Italy)       X                   You can help me to open the first Ti 99/4A User Club in Italy !
Curt Vendel Staten Island NY USA     X           X   X      
Deryck Obray Chatham Kent England     X   X   X X X X X   X People think I am mad collecting this lot. Tell me I am not.
Dieter Koenig Kapfenberg Styria Austria     X                     Always interested in purchasing/trading games from EA and other companies for the Atari 8-bit!
Eddie Cullen Skelmersdale Lancashire England               X           I would like to buy an original copy of Ghostbustters 2 for my commodore 64 from 1989 made by Activision.
Eric Kinzie Gas City IN USA       X                    
Gabriel  Turk Millbrae CA USA X             X       X   Been looking for Guadalcanal Campaign and Battle of Shiloh, any ideas?
Gilberto Velazquez Sunrise Florida USA X                 X X      
Harvey Klein Houston TX USA     X                      
Hugh Falk San Diego CA USA X X X X X X X X X X X X X Keeper of the list.
Itay Shahar Haifa - Israel                     X     looking for Blind Justice, Below the Root plus other old registered shareware games.
Jake  Deckard st augstine FL USA     X X         X X X X   does anyone know of an updated version of brataccas.
Jeff Hellige Greenbelt MD USA   X X X X   X X   X X
Jim Leonard Naperville IL USA                     X   X I specialize in collecting esoteric older (1981-1991) IBM PC titles such as action/arcade, racing, and other unconventional (in terms of collecting) genres.
Jim MacKenzie Regina SK Canada               X   X     X C128 also
Jim Parish Tarpon Springs FL USA X X X X     X   X   X   X  
Jim Rohde Cape Girardeau MO USA X                     X   I love old Infocom and other text adventures, along with newer games like Ambrosia's 'Wand of Ferazel', 'Pillars of Garandel', etc.
Joe Scoleri Jackson CA USA   X X               X      
Joe Grand Boston MA USA X   X           X       X Coleco Adam
John Christovassilis Geneva   Switzerland     X         X   X, thejpc on eBay (130+ positive feedback)
Jukka Eronen Hanko Uusimaa Finland X X X X X X X X X X X X X Sierra/Lucas/Tolkien/Ultima/AD&D/SSI
games for any systems.
Kristofer Johansson Herrljunga   Sweden X               X X X X   I collect mostly Origin and Lucas Arts.
Larry Sutton Regina SK Canada     X           X X       -
Mark Bowling Hattiesburg MS USA   X X X X   X X   X X X X I collect videogames for ALL systems, as well as some handheld and tabletop battery-operated games.
Mark Cameron Rotterdam  yf Holland     X   X   X X X X     X
Markus Tillmann Mönchengladbach NRW Germany                   X        
Mary Sauer Circleville OH usa X                          
Michael Dougherty Westover WV USA   X X X X     X     X   X TRS-80 refers to the CoCo Other includes the Mattel Aquarius
Michael Ellis Toronto Ontario Canada X   X X X     X X X X X    
Mike Gedeon Cleveland OH USA X X X X X X X X X X     X
Patrice MULLER meximieux lyon france     X                     Largest collector of ATARI items in Europe
Paul Graber gedwyn@mpinet ocala FL USA X             X     X X X  
Peter lambrechts breda europe netherlands                   X       -
Piers Sutton Sunnyvale CA USA               X   X       No comment :)
Richard Boulet Saint-Georges Quebec Canada                     X     I collect Intel/DOS/Windows games only (every genre, old and new).
Ron Corcoran Phoenix AZ USA X X X X X     X X X X   X  
Ron Slaminko Seattle WA USA   X X X X     X           I only collect cartridge based games, not disk or tape
Russ Green Leeds Yorkshire England     X X X X X X X X     X I collect just about any old computer systems and handheld games the more unusual the better.
Ryan Arnold Chesterton IN USA     X                      
Scott Zimmerman Gambrills MD USA               X           -
Simone Di Conza Rome Rome Italy X         X X X X X X X X I collect especially Tolkien related games.  Visit my collecting site: 
Steve Rizewiski Ottawa Ontario Canada X                          
Sylvain (Sly DC) De Chantal Blainville Quebec Canada   X X X X     X         X  
Todd Williams Rayland Ohio USA X X X X X     X         X
Tom Hlavaty Chicago IL USA X X X X X X X X X X X X X Ultima my specialty
Tomas Buteler Sco Paulo Sco Paulo Brazil                 X   X     -
Tony Cervo Santa Clara CA USA     X           X         I've been collecting Atari 8-bit and ST games since back in the day, however I do have a few classic Intel/DOS games and even a TRS-80 game or two
Trantor VonTran Trantorville TR USA               X   X X     Just your typical fun lovin' Commie fan. and


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