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I visit the sites below on a regular basis.  They are useful for obtaining information about computer systems, but not necessarily about gaming.

Atari & Commodore Home Computer Museum Great source of Atari pictures, data and history.  Also contains a small Commodore section.
Planet Sinclair Lots to learn about the man, the machines, the company , the software and emulation.
The Computer Museum Great information and pictures about several classic Apple systems.   A few other brands are included as well.
The Machine Room The best source for hardware information on many PC platforms.   Covers nearly every significant system from multiple countries.
The Retro Computing Museum Basic statistics and pictures of a plethora of classic computers.   Great reference.
The TI-99/4A Computer Home Page Rich Polivka's excellent reference for the TI-99/4A computer.
The TI Home Computer Timeline Bill Gaskill's awesome TImeline.  Covers non-TI dates as well.
Vintage Computer Festival Has pictures and information about the festival.  If you want to see these classics in person, this is the one-stop shop.
World of Spectrum A site mostly dedicated to Sinclair Spectrum emulation.  Not just games though.

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