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The following people make up the CURIOUS Committee. The rarity of games listed in the CURIOUS Guide is the culmination of their expert judgment.  If you have expertise in computer game collecting and would like to join the CURIOUS Committee, please contact GOTCHA CURIOUS.

bullet Hugh Falk -- Chairman of GOTCHA, long-time gaming journalist, game developer and proud to say he worked his way through school at Electronics Boutique.   Areas of concentration for the Guide:  Electronic Arts, SSI, Epyx, and Avalon Hill.   

C.E. Forman -- Proprietor of Ye Olde Infocomme Shoppe.  Specializing in parser (typed-command) adventures, with primary focus on Infocom.  Areas of concentration for the Guide:  Infocom 1980 - 84, and Adventure International.


Marco Thorek -- Webmaster of Areas of concentration for the Guide:  Infocom 1985 - 89.



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