Welcome to the homepage for GOTCHATM -- the Gaming Obsession Throughout Computer History Association.  This site is devoted to many facets of computer gaming, but especially to its early stars. GOTCHA's main goal is to preserve and celebrate the history of PC gaming.   Historically, PC stands for Personal Computer, and is not just synonymous with IBM-Compatible PCs.   GOTCHA recognizes the contributions from several platforms including:  Apple, Atari, Commodore, Texas Instruments, Tandy and Intel/IBM/Microsoft.   If you have any questions regarding computer gaming, the association or this site, please feel free to write me at

On a personal note, although hosting a web site devoted to computer gaming clearly marks me as a first-class passenger aboard the Geek Express, I take comfort in the fact that you, dear reader, used the Internet to get here.  If you haven't realized that you're a geek by now, I suggest you take a long look at your reflection in the monitor, climb on board the train and enjoy the ride.

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The GOTCHA website is maintained by Hugh Falk and does not reflect the views of any employer, employee, family member, friend, acquaintance or sentient being past or present. If you don't fit into one of the aforementioned categories and feel your views are somehow being reflected, please contact GOTCHA immediately.


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