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Hugh Falk is the founder of GOTCHA, Chairman of the GOTCHA Committee and curator of the GOTCHA Museum...

"With a passion for computer gaming and a Master's degree in Creative Writing, I saw two choices for myself:  1) Write about computer gaming.  2) Develop a computer game that simulates the exciting world of freelance writing.   After my prototype of 'Captain Cruxor: Novel Writer' failed to generate interest, I chose number one."

"I've written many gaming-related articles over the past few years for such notable publications as PC Gamer Magazine, InterAction Magazine, C|net's Gamecenter, and CMP Publications' GamePower.  Click on the Publications button to see them."


"I've used several "Bios" throughout my writing career.  Click on the Biographies button to see some of my favorites."


"It's always interesting to see where your name turns up on the Internet.  Click the Quotes button to see what people are saying about me."

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