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I visit the sites below on a regular basis.  They are useful for obtaining information about computer or video gaming in general.  I try not to list sites devoted to a specific game, since there are thousands of them that tend to come and go.

Atari Gaming Headquarters Atari mega-site!  Covers most everything Atari made from the 2600 to computers to coin-ops.  Great source of info, pictures, video, reviews, etc.   Run by John Hardie, Les Caron and Keita Iida, who are also the custodians of the Classic Gaming Expo.
Atari Historical Society Curt Vendel runs this virtual museum of Ataridom.  The site has a great layout and great information on computers, consoles and coin-ops.
Back in Time Mike Stulir's tribute to everything Atari.  Home of the popular Back in Time Internet Radio Broadcast.  Also covers arcade emulation.
C64 Game Guide A fabulous C-64 gaming site.  Contains information and pictures of hundreds of games.  In many cases it also includes information about the programmers, artists, musicians and companies involved.  Downloads include music files for the games.
Classic Gamer Magazine A truly excellent paper-based magazine devoted to classic gaming.  A great read, and a must for any classic gamer.
Classic Gaming Emulation super-site and home of GOTCHA.  Part of the huge GameSpy network.
Classic Gaming Expo The home of THE yearly event in classic gaming.  If you are into retro-gaming or collecting, you owe it to yourself to attend.
CMP Publications' GamePower Offers timely reviews and news for the modern gamer.
Computer Gaming World magazine Home of the oldest and longest-running computer gaming magazine.  Now run by Ziff Davis, it continues to cover computer gaming.
Digital Press A game collector's Nirvana.  The site is highly informative with tons of sounds, pictures and info, but more importantly, collectors can buy the Digital Press CDs, Collectors Guides and publications here.  DP also hosts the Classic Video Game Syndicate Web Ring.
EmuClassics Another emulation super site.   Part of the Funpoint network.
Gamasutra The single best sight covering game development on the net.   Companion site to Game Developer magazine.  Not for the average gamer, though.
GamesDomain A large site devoted to modern gaming.  For those who like their games with an English accent.
GamePen Another good modern gaming sight with unique columns and "Therapy" articles.
GameSpot Also part of the ZD network, think of it as a second-opinion to Computer Gaming World.
Good Deal Games If you  collect, play, fix or fantasize about videogames.  You've come to the right place.  Great classic gaming store and information.
I.C. When Donald Thomas' site contains the authoritative timeline of video and computer gaming.  Beyond this, the site contains reams of useful and entertaining information ranging from e-mail addresses of gaming legends to virtual trading cards.   Another huge standing ovation for Mr. Thomas.
MobyGames A wonderful site about gaming on Intel PCs (modern and retro).   MobyGames is a historical archive, documentation, and review project for PC games with two specific goals:
  1. To store information about PC games, who created them, what their system requirements are, what their game screens look like, etc.
  2. To let the public contribute to each entry in the database.
Next Generation Online On-line component of one of the best overall gaming magazines. Every month it covers consoles, computers and even retro-gaming.  If you must read off of paper, this one is highly recommended.
PC Gamer On-line component of the modern king of PC gaming magazines.
Philly Classic The premier east-coast classic gaming expo.  If you're a classic gamer, you should be there.
Planet Irata That's Atari backwards.  Tony Cervo has done a great job of presenting information on Atari computers and consoles.  Lots of links, pictures and information.
Retrogamer Home of Retrogamer Magazine, A bi-monthly paper publication dedicated to classic gaming on consoles and computers.  It's based in the U.K. so you can be sure that your favorite European systems will also be covered.  Site also has collection pictures and trading info.
Retro Gamer Magazine
Retro Gamer Magazine -- Sinclair-Commodore-Sega-Nintendo-Atari-Acorn-& More
Retromags A unique site that contains scans of magazine covers, contents, and reviews for several computer platforms.  Most of the mags are from the UK, but are still  valuable to stateside historians. 
The Adrenaline Vault Covers lots of topics of interest to the modern gamer including game cheats, hardware and software reviews.
The Collectible Ultima Everything you ever wanted to know about the Ultima series of RPGs.   A valuable reference for the most valuable computer gaming collectibles.
The Giant List of Classic Game Programmers James Hague's definitive list of game programmers.  This is one of the best historical gaming references you will find.  Mr. Hague deserves a standing ovation for his work on this.
The New KLOV Killer List Of Videogames.  Awesome resource for information about arcade games.
The Oldskool PC This site was created as a repository for essays, utilities, nostalgia, and general fun with classic computing. There is a 90% slant towards the Intel PC and gaming.   Sister site to MobyGames.
The Origin Museum Joe Garrity's shrine to the great game publisher/developer Origin Systems.  Here you'll find lots of information on unique artifacts found nowhere else.
Tomorrow's Heroes Great site for the console game collector.  Also the home for Retrogaming Times, a monthly on-line newsletter dedicated to classic gaming.
Trantor's Big Bang Trantor knows his Commodore...and a lot more.  This site contains C-64, Amiga and more game information, links and emulation information.
Twin Galaxies The Worldwide authority on player rankings, gaming statistics, and championship tournaments.  Walter Day wrote the book on high scores (literally!)  Check out this great site to find out about the best players in the world.
Video 61 & Atari Sales An excellent on-line store for classic computer games.  GOTCHA has purchased several MS games from V-61.  They have a large stock of NEW vintage games.
Videotopia A traveling museum of video game history.  A great idea.  If it ever comes to your town, be sure to check it out.  The site has lots of good pictures and information.
Ye Olde Infocomme Shoppe C.E. Forman runs this site dedicated to game collecting that is focused mostly on Infocom and other text adventures.  Several rare scans can be found here.   His regular Shoppe column is a very good read, and his collection is one of the few that I envy.  He also sells and trades actively.  I highly recommend him as a vendor.

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