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Let me reiterate here that GOTCHA does not collect console game systems or console games.  GOTCHA's function is to chronicle the history of COMPUTER games.  However, since GOTCHA is run by gamers for gamers, a classic gaming console gets acquired every now and then.  You'll notice that Atari consoles are particularly popular.  

GOTCHA has nothing against console systems; both modern and classic systems are enjoyed by the staff.  However, GOTCHA has a mission to record and preserve the history of computer games, and including an in-depth analysis of anything else would detract from that goal.   If you're looking for timely and insightful information on the world of console gaming... please go to a place where such information exists.  (This mild attempt at humor is actually the most useful bit of information you will find on this page.)  Seriously folks, you can try a site such as:

Console Passion Retro Games

Regardless, below is a list of the classic consoles and games found in the GOTCHA archives. 

bulletMagnavox Odyssey -- F
bulletAtari 7800
bullet7800 joysticks (2)
bullet7800 Games
bulletAsteroids -- IM (Cart only)
bulletBallblazer -- IM (Cart only)
bulletCentipede -- IM (Cart and booklet only)
bulletDesert Falcon -- IM (Cart only)
bulletKarateka -- IM (Cart and booklet only)
bulletPole Position II -- IM (Cart only)
bulletTouchdown Football -- VG/VG
bullet2600 joysticks (2)
bullet2600 paddles (2 sets)
bullet2600 track ball
bullet2600 Games
bulletAdventure -- IM (Cart only)
bulletAsteroids -- IM (Cart only)
bulletCanyon Bomber -- IM (Cart and booklet only)
bulletCalifornia Games -- IM (Cart and booklet only)
bulletCircus Atari -- IM (Cart and booklet only)
bulletEnduro -- IM (Cart and booklet only)
bulletFootball -- IM (Cart only)
bulletFootball (RealSports) -- NM (S)(C)
bulletFootball (RealSports Soccer) -- MS
bulletIce Hockey (Activision) -- IM (Cart and booklet only)
bulletMegamania --  IM (Cart only)
bulletMissile Command -- IM (Cart and booklet only)
bulletPitfall! -- IM (Cart only)
bulletSpace Invaders -- IM (Cart and booklet only)
bulletSummer Games -- IM (Cart and booklet only)
bulletWarlords -- IM (Cart and booklet only)
bulletWinter Games -- IM (Cart and booklet only)
bulletAtari Lynx II
bulletLynx Sun Visor
bulletLynx Deluxe Carrying case
bulletLynx AC Adapter
bulletCheckered Flag -- IM (Cart and booklet only)
bulletFidelity Chess Challenger -- IM (Cart and booklet only)
bulletKlax -- IM (Cart and booklet only)
bulletPinball Jam -- IM (Cart and booklet only)
bulletPit Fighter -- IM (Cart and booklet only)
bulletShadow of the Beast -- IM (Cart and booklet only)
bulletWarbirds -- IM (Cart only)
bulletAtari Jaguar
bulletAdditional Jaguar Joypad
bulletBrutal Sports Football -- F
bulletDragon: The Burce Lee Story -- F
bulletNBA Jam T.E. -- NM
bulletTempest 2000 -- F
bulletTrevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy -- G
bulletTroy Aikman Football -- F
bulletMattel Intellivision
bulletAdvanced Dungeons and Dragons -- G
bulletAstrosmash -- G
bulletLas Vegas Poker & Blackjack -- IM (Cart, overlays and booklet only)
bulletMajor League Baseball -- G
bulletSpace Battle -- G
bulletTron Maze-A-Thon -- G
bulletUtopia -IM (Missing one overlay)
bulletMattel Intellivision II
bulletGameBoy Pocket
bulletGameBoy Camera
bulletGameBoy Printer
bulletSega Genesis Nomad



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