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Commodore VIC-20 -- Released in 1981, this 5K machine was the TI-99/4A's contemporary.  The VIC (which stands for Video Interface Computer) was seriously under-powered even for its time and only had a 22 column text display, but it was a popular machine for gaming and had a lot of games to offer.  For a machine with such a small amount of memory, some amazingly complex titles could fit onto a VIC-20 cartridge, including Scott Adams' text adventures.  It was supplanted quickly by the Commodore 64.   GOTCHA's VIC-20 was acquired complete in the box in 1998 along with an original VIC-1541 5.25" floppy drive, which is basically the same as the C-64's floppy drive with a case that matches the VIC's off-white color.

CPU: MOS 6502 , 1 mHz
Coprocessors: VIC (Video & Sound)
RAM: 5 Kb
ROM: Approx. 17Kb
Text mode: 23 x 22
Graphic mode: maximum 184 x 176
Colors: 16 max
Sound: 3 voices / 6 octaves
I/O Ports: RGB, Joystick (1), Cardridge, Tape, User Port, Serial
Storage:  External cassette and floppy drives
Introduced: 1981

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