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Cant we all just get along?  In this picture, systems from TI, Apple, Atari and Commodore all live together in perfect harmony.

The purpose of this section is to chronicle the history of personal computer gaming via articles on gaming history and game collecting.  Under "PC Families" on the menu to the left, you will find a list of computer systems significant to gaming.  To see my thoughts on the systems (and the corresponding contents of the GOTCHA Museum), click on "The Computer."  To see my thoughts on the games themselves (and the corresponding contents of the GOTCHA Museum) , click on "The Games."  

For those who stumbled upon GOTCHA while accidentally looking for the Masochism Super-Site, I still may be able to help -- read these articles on Triumphs and Tragedies and 10 innovative games that changed history.  Also, be sure to check out my CNET Radio interview on the latter article.  You'll need RealAudio to hear it, and the file is about 1.2 MB.  Both items are copyright CNET, Inc.  While you're at it, please see my articles on PC Game Collecting and the many reviews I've listed in my Gaming Dossier.  Continue reading these until you feel properly tortured.


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New Feature: Gamecenter's "Hall of Game". We kick it off with a look at 10 Top Innovators.

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PC Game Collecting

Gaming's Triumphs and Tragedies

The Hall of Game Innovation

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