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What I Need (Besides a Life)

Apple -- Hellcat Ace

Apple -- Akalabeth

Apple -- Mystery House

Apple -- Wheeler Dealers

Apple -- Caverns of Callisto

Apple -- Zork (Personal Software version)

Apple -- Beneath Apple Manor

Commodore PET -- Flash Attack

Commodore PET -- Temple of Apshai

Commodore PET -- Invasion Orion

Commodore PET  -- Starfleet Orion

Vic-20 -- Ultima: Escape from Mt. Drash

Atari -- The Nightmare by Epyx

Any platform -- Softporn Adventure (Sierra)

Any platform -- Sorcerer of Siva (Epyx)

Any platform -- Escape From Vulcan's Isle (Epyx)

Any platform -- Shadowkeep

Any platform -- RobotWar (Muse)

Any platform -- Class Struggle

Any platform -- Fortress of the Witch King

Any platform -- Tuesday Morning Quarterback

Any platform -- Tax Dodge

Any platform -- Computer Napoleonic (SSI)

Any platform -- Queen of Hearts (SSI)

Any platform -- Galactic Gladiators (SSI)

Magazine -- Computer Gaming World, Oct. 83

Any Computer Gaming World or Electronic Games Mag from 81

Amstrad CPC computer (European computer system)

I'm always looking for Ultima and EA Flat Box titles I don't already have.


If you have any of the above and are willing to sell or trade, please write me at hughfalk@mindspring.com.

I am always willing to trade my console games and systems for computer games.  Write me if you see something you like.

Am I trustworthy?  No doubt!  Check out my eBay rating.      


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